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Pharmaceutical company Sotex was established in 1999.

Initially, Sotex was engaged in pre-packing and packing of finished drug products under contracts with well-known western manufacturers: Nycomed, Lek, Pliva, KRKA. This enabled the company to gain experience in production and product quality control in accordance with western standards.


  • Injectable dosage form manufacture with capacity of 100 million ampoules per year is launched. The Sotex factory becomes one of the first facilities in Russia fully complying with GMP EU requirements.


  • Sotex launches production of licensed injectable medicine in cooperation with Nycomed.
  • Sotex starts producing solid dosage forms by placing orders at European pharmaceutical factories.


  • Sotex enters TOP-10 leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • The company starts selling products under its own brands: Cereton and Angiozil Retard.
  • Sotex PharmFirm becomes a member of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM), which unites leaders of the pharmaceutical market.


  • The company acquires 67% shares of the biotechnology company Protein Contour.
  • Sotex launches a pre-filled syringe line aimed for production of genetically engineered drugs. The first product on this new line was Eralfon (epoetin alfa) used in such socially significant fields as oncology and nephrology.
  • Sotex product line was replenished with new drug Amelotex.


  • Sotex starts exporting medicinal products to CIS and non-CIS countries.
  • The company continues to expand its range of own brands by launching the following products: Listab75, CompligamV, Flamax, Dolomin.
  • The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation confirmed the complete interchangeability of Eralfon and its western equivalent based on the material analysis and the medical experts and clinicians opinion.
  • Production of syringes with automatic needle shielding system was launched.


  • Sotex launched two new brands: Neurox and Likferr100.
  • Company products Eralfon and Amelotex became the winners of the pharmaceutical Award Recipe of the Year 2010.


  • Eralfon became the winner of two competitions at once: Platinum Ounce 2010 and Health Forsyth 2011.
  • Sotex released the drug BloccoC, included in the list of strategically important drugs.
  • Market positions of Sotex strengthened by means of perspective brands of Rx-drugs Anvifen and Metaprot.


  • Sotex launched two new medical brands: Chondrogard and Nemulex.
  • In the scope of the agreement with FPK PharmVILAR, Sotex starts to promote medicinal products Exportal and Angionorm.
  • According to the results of the retail sales audit in the Russian Federation conducted by MRC Pharmexpert, Chondrogard was recognized as the most successful launch in ATC-group level 1 M Musculoskeletal System.

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